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The Cookie Law – it’s not a joke (even if it seems like it) 02.11.2011

On May 26th a new EU law came in to effect that potentially affects all web sites in the EU and as over 92% of sites use cookies please read on………..

Envelope types 09.08.2011

Most envelopes are either wallet or pocket style. A wallet is where the flap is on the long edge, and a pocket is where the flap is on the short edge.

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QR Tags bridge the gap between print and internet 14.04.2011

With the increasing use of smart phones (iphone, Blackberry etc) more and more phone users are accessing the internet from their phone rather than using computers. As a result many web site owners are investing in ‘mobile’ friendly sites and are seeking tools to assist phone users to access information on the web, in particular [...]

What is bleed? 04.04.2011

When printing jobs such as leaflets or posters, when the design goes right to the edge of the paper it is necessary to allow some tolerance for the printers guillotines (the machine used for cutting a job after printing). If any of the design finishes exactly at the edge of the required finished size, then [...]

International Paper Sizes 08.03.2010

Paper Sizes